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The most economical technological solutions
Employing state-of-the-art technical tools and computer aided systems allows us to develop and provide the most economical technological solutions.
The reliable operation
The reliable operation of our equipment and our solutions, as well as top level services.
Years of tradition and experience
We have been in business since 1991. Experts with ample professional experience in the field of hydro power, gathered from all over the world.
Hydro power projects
From design to the manufacture and commissioning of turbine equipment.
Integral solutions
From concept design to facility commissioning.
Top level services
Join the base of our satisfied customers.
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    Periodic, annual and extraordinary overhauls of electrical and mechanical equipment of hydro power plants.

    New construction

    The design of new small hydro power plants, from concept design to facility commissioning.


    The reconstruction of specific electrical and mechanical assemblies of hydro power plants to improve performance, efficiency and to modernise facilities.


    The renovation of the complete electrical and mechanical equipment in old small hydro power plants implementing modern solutions.

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